Music Marketing & Management


Always searching for the next new thing to improve brands' and artists' media presence and relevancy, from implementing NFT to AI and digital fashion.


Started as a head of sales department in 2014 with 40 sales personnel under my management I obtained numerous skills that helped me transition into artist and label management.


I've created and produced video and digital content distributed via various media outlets, that have gotten over dozens of million cumulative views, and a high audience engagement rate.


I've been drawn to making music my whole life and in 2021 I started my own music project called Whatify, the first single I released got placed in the "Hype House" reality show on Netflix. 

About Me

Music and creative experimental marketing are my passion, music marketing is my calling and life work! As an immigrant, who left my home country in my early 20s, I've been challenged to always be better, faster, stronger, have clear priorities, a good reputation and work ethic. I've been blessed to be working with the most outstanding music industry professionals who inspire me to broaden my professional and creative horizons. Thanks to my mentors' support, I've gotten a chance to travel around the world and secure global partnerships within the music business community, and experience working in different spheres of the music industry, A&R, distribution, music sync licensing and publishing.

Key Skills

8 years

of expertise in digital marketing and sales. SMM and email marketing (Mailchimp), SEO, pay-per-click (Google, Meta), content marketing and analytics; customer relationship management.

5 years

 of A&R, artist management, and music business experience including work for labels, music distributors, music sync licensing and publishing companies.

4 years

of video production and post, work in various positions, such as producer, DP, and coordinator for numerous projects from TV shows, music videos, and interviews to podcasts.

3 years

of graphic, digital and web design. Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects), WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Eventbrite.


Marketing Coordinator at 411 Music Group, US
August 2020 to Present

After 2 years of working in the position, surrounded by like-minded professionals who became my second family, I’ve gained lots of skills, music industry connections, and experiences! Primarily, my responsibilities include marketing strategies development and implementation, as well as customer relationships management, therefore I have a wide range of duties from copywriting and design of marketing emails, social media management and marketing, PR, video creation, PCC campaigns development to website management, lead generation, and CRM system administration. I am also proud to be involved in 411’s A&R process and the establishment of global partnerships with labels and sub-publishers. 

Producer/Marketing at Dame Dash Studios, US
September 2019 to May 2020

Working alongside a living legend like Damon Dash has been a true blessing! This experience opened new doors and provided opportunities of a lifetime. I was responsible for marketing, and content creation for 8 social media accounts with an overall audience of more than 1 million followers. I also managed and administered the company's streaming platform and YouTube channel, as well as website development. But one of my most challenging duties was producing and coordinating numerous projects from TV series, interviews, and podcasts to music sessions and concerts held in our production studio. I was in charge of production, post-production, distribution, and promotions of dozens of different entertaining content, which allowed me to work with the most outstanding talents from the entertainment industry.

Artist Manager at Purple Kooky Space, US/RUS
December 2017 to August 2019

Purple Kooky Space was a start-up company that provided different kinds of services like music marketing, PR, promo shoots, creative content development, music distribution, and administration, artist development, and more to independent artists and indie labels. I combined two roles: CEO and artist manager. Right at the start, I was able to connect with a group of professionals, music producers, photographers, and videographers who were working alongside me on various projects. My responsibilities included client relationship management; marketing; and artist development. In the course of 2 years I had the opportunity to work with different artists from multiple countries: Russia, Ukraine, the US, Brazil and more! The company had to be terminated because I decided on a slightly different career path which at that time had far more prospects for my personal and professional growth.

Head of Sales Department at Synergy, RUS
September 2013 to November 2017

II worked at Synergy University for 5 years, and it was an experience like no other. I wouldn't be the person I am today without my mentors and supervisors. They taught me all the sales techniques, HR, and project management skills that I know today. The work ethic, stress tolerance, and discipline that I have all come from working at this university. For 3 years, I managed the most profitable sales department which consisted of 40 people. My main duties besides hiring, managing, and training the team included sales analysis, customer relationship management, new product development, and the creation of marketing materials in collaboration with designers. I was also involved in organizing large-scale events—two of which had an international status.


411 Music Group Showreel 2022

Another year, another showreel! Check out all 411's key projects of 2022 all in one place. I had so much fun working on the project, and covered all the bases here from idea development to design and editing! 

"On My Throne" by Whatify. Single Premier at Dame Dash Studios

In 2021, I organized my first-ever songwriting camp after getting inspired by 411's CEO Kristen and her creative projects! The song was well received and thanks to Damon Dash we got a chance to do a song premier and sing it loud and proud on his platform! Check it out!

"America nu: Anastasyia", Dame Dash Studios

The America Nu series is one of the coolest creative projects I participated in as a producer. The show was released on the Dame Dash Studios streaming platform and required a lot of prep work, and the production process was truly a hustle, but in a good way!

"Health Is Wealth", Season 3, Dame Dash Studios

I was lucky to be a production coordinator for the whole season of this amazing cooking show! Everything created during the production was yummy, and eating it was the greatest end of each shooting day!


March 2019 to March 2020

UCLA Extension, Music Business
Certificate Program, USA

September 2013 to October 2017

Synergy University, Project Management
Bachelor's degree, RUS


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